Monday, October 18, 2010

CERIDWEN Goddess of Spellcraft, Inspiration and Transformation Soy Spell Candle Magically Charged w/ Six Grael Herbs

י׳ בחשון תשע"א
Phasma Priscus 12

"Ceridwen is the Lady of Transformation. She calls us to enter into our darkness to seek out the seeds of our wholeness. She teaches us that the only path to wisdom is through trial and experience. In Her Cauldron, the mysteries of death and rebirth are revealed, and we emerge to initiate the process once more. We ride the Wheel with our newfound insight and understanding, so that we may illume the next phase of our journey with what we have learned." [Sisterhood of Avalon, Mythological Sources for Ceridwen: The Tale of Gwion Bach and Hanes Taliesin; excerpt from Avalon Within: Inner Sovereignty and Personal Transformation Through the Avalonian Mysteries (2005) by Jhenah Telyndru]

Handcrafted with premium certified kosher soy wax, this beautiful CERIDWEN spell candle is magically charged with 6 Grael herbs including Blue Vervain, crushed Acorn, Apple leaves, Camphor, Catnip, Blackthorn leaves and a Moonstone gemstone nugget. Intensely scented with exotic notes of Black Amber, Musk, Clove and Nutmeg, the white pillar drips with the power of Black and Dragon's Blood. An adorning silver pewter Ceridwen's cauldron charm hangs on black ribbon.

Measures 2 x 3 inches

Comes beautifully packaged.

This exquisite candle may be purchased at WITCHCRAFTS by Liorah Lleucu.

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