Friday, October 08, 2010

BLACK GOLD Dark Goddess Underworld Pathworking Mystic Rites Ritual Soy Candle

ל׳ בתשרי תשע"א
Phasma Priscus 2

Through many "differing approaches to magic, there runs the instructive and often elusive tradition. The person who confronts this tradition is never offered a moral or religious code to follow, but the opportunity of undergoing a series of transformations. The Initiation of the UnderWorld changes us, irrespective of our pagan or non-pagan starting point." [R. J. Stewart, The UnderWorld Initiation: A Journey Towards Psychic Transformation]

BLACK GOLD Dark Goddess Underworld Pathworking Mystic Rites ritual candle is handcrafted with premium certified kosher soy and an original blend of traditional Underworld botanicals including Blackthorn leaf, Hawthorne leaf, Blood Root, Yew, Sweet Cinnamon (Cinnamomum zeylanicum) and Dragon's Blood. Intensely scented with Patchouli oil, BLACK GOLD is formed of a Dark Goddess triplet of colors (24k gold, dark earthy brown and jet black) adorned with a silver pewter Celtic Triskele key to the mysteries charm hung on black ribbon.

Measures 2 x 4.3 inches.

Comes beautifully packaged.

BLACK GOLD may be purchased at WITCHCRAFTS by Liorah Lleucu.

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