Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sea Faery Witch's Ladder

ב' בשבט תש"ע
Imbolgen 3

Created within sacred space and time, with the thin silver sliver of the New Moon gracing the Night sky, this stunning SEA FAERY witch's ladder was handcrafted with Mystery handspun handdyed handplied bouchle black wool yarn uniquely and softly blended with a multiplcity of marine colors handbraided with soft delicate blue-grey lace and dark royal blue ribbon.

Nine iridescent mother of pearl shells (in the tradition of Celtic witchcraft), 22 and 1 knots (in the tradition of Jewish letter-kabbalah, including the hidden magically mystical 4-shin), a silver mermaid charm, a silver Celtic leaf knot and a sea shell of ivory and blue-grey adorn this enchanting tool of the Divine Feminine. The siren sound of the deep sea peacefully reverberates through the witchily woven threads. Listen, and hear the haunting song of the sea spirits.

Nine manifests all goodness, proper judgment and peace.

Twenty-two and one carry the power of all the primordial creative forces represented by all the letters of the magical Hebrew alphabet, revealed and hidden.

In the many colors of the sea are Wisdom, the well of the Ancestors, the hidden dimension of the mysteries, richness, nobility, royalty and vital movement.

Holding the memory of time and the prehistoric call of the sea, seashells enwedgen the beginning together with the end in an eternal dance of ever-living whole consciousness.

Of great beauty, a source of unfathomable Wisdom, the mermaid (maighdean mhara in Irish, fôr-forwyn or môr-forwyn in Welsh, meriminni or meerfrau in German, betulat yam in Hebrew) is slow to anger and her sweet Voice calls us into the womb of creation.

The winding road from potentiality to actualization and manifestation is mapped through a Celtic leaf knot.

Measuring 51 (אן) inches, this witch's ladder represents the nameless question which directs energy to a goal even before "I", the ego of the witch, (אני) wills it to be. Astounding, extraordinary magic dwells within it.

Comes beautifully packaged with a small surprise gift included.

This astonishing magical item may be purchased at WITCHCRAFTS by Liorah Lleucu.

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