Monday, July 06, 2009

Full Horn Moon Success & Prosperity Spell

י"ד בתמוז תשס״ט
Faunus 15

I've performed my first spell on behalf of someone else. My daughter asked me to perform a success and prosperity spell for her, so I did on this evening of the Full Horn Moon, beginning during the planetary hour of Mars (ג) and concluding during the planetary hour of the Sun (ד, malchut).

The ritual oil, incense and candle dressings were taken from the master stock supplies (see third photo on the linked page) I made for the Remedy For Livelihood Spell Kit. I used a handcrafted hand-dipped green taper inscribed specifically for my daughter. Vetivert essential oil and flax seeds were burned directly on silver hookah charcoal, along with the incense. Onto a pumice stone was loaded all the pain of my daughter and her children. Then the pumice stone was wrapped with paper, smashed with a hammer into dust and the dust blown into the wind - all the pain of the is past blown away by all the good things coming her way, so mote it be!

Then, during the Full Horn Moon, I crafted a unique Seed of Success Magical Manna spell bottle for my daughter, placed it into a black organza sachet bag tied with a beautiful silver Celtic knot charm, and placed the package into a silver Witchy Care Bag. Lined with black tissue paper and adorned with black tulle, the silver bag also contains other selected magical goodies every woman-girlie would love - a silver skeleton key to success tied with handdyed vintage looking ribbon along with other charms and beads, lavender scented potpourri, a handcrafted burgundy votive scented with oils to attract all good, handmade sage and cedarwood primitive soap, good dreams herbal mix with dream pillow sachet bag, blessings perfume oil, and witches brew incense sticks in a lovely lavender fabric incense bag. This is such a cool little witchy care bag. I am so anxious to give it to my daughter. She'll love it. It was surely made with perfect love and perfect trust.

I loved that she asked me to do this for her. I am so happy!

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