Sunday, July 19, 2009

Awesome Goddess Tree Oil

כ"ז בתמוז תשס״ט
Faunus 28

Be lifted to the Awesome Goddess Tree which inhabits the Profound Mystery higher and deeper than either the Tree of Knowledge or the Tree of Life.

This ritual oil is intended for deeply joyful spellcrafting only. It evokes the Great Power of Awesome Ice הקרח הנורא.

Awesome Goddess Tree Oil was handcrafted during the planetary hour of Mercury with the waning crescent moon 90% dark (*Devil Tzadi). This intensely Divine magic is brought forth from the Earth with frangipani (plumeria) flowers, frangipani (plumeria) essential oil and amber oil in a certified organic premium quality pomegranate seed base oil, charged with (Dark Ice) 5 black onyx gemstones, (Light Ice) 5 clear quartz crystal gemstones and scarlet (אודם כשני) shimmer (נצנוץ).

The 3 ml corked spell bottle is sealed with plum wax, and hung with a goldtone spiral Goddess charm using a copper jumpring by a beautifully handdyed black-edge ribbon with colors that swirl from soft cherry pink into light, milk chocolatey brown. Stunning!

Comes to you elegantly wrapped in black tulle.

*Note - "Devil" literally means "She Is" [The Holy Book of Women's Mysteries, Z. Budapest].

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