Sunday, September 07, 2008

Witchy Gear For Samhain Fun

ז' אלול התשס"ח
Belz 9

Though it's early, I am already making plans. Samhain with my grandkids is going to be particularly special this year and integral to my initiation into Cronehood. My grandkids will share in my initiation as we share this special time together.

This year, I am going to take my grandkids out for Samhain trick-or-treating in a fashion they will particularly enjoy. I'm going to take them out in full witch regalia! Here are some of the items I've purchased for our unforgetable night of ghosties, ghoulies, goblins and gremlins galore! May they squeal with delight as Grandma takes them out in style!

My bag of sweet goodies. BTW - I am seeking 7 secret decoder rings - comment if you know where I can get some.

My witch's shoes.

My purple and black striped witch socks.

My black velvet cloak.

Our protection charm.

My witch's hat.

My besom.

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