Sunday, September 14, 2008

Finer Than Gold, The Torc Of Nobility

י"ד אלול התשס"ח
Belz 16

Finer than gold is my newest ritual treasure - a hand forged Celtic torc of woven steel. I've named my torc Myfanwy.

Myfanwy is a Welsh name meaning 'fine, rare one'. Composed of the prefix my (denoting affection) and the word manwy (meaning 'fine, rare'), the name can be pronounced either muh-van-oy or muh-van-wee.

The Celtic torc is a sign ornament worn by distinguished women of honor, those of noble lineage, gods and goddesses of brave distinction, and elite warriors of magnificent deeds. It is a sign of Divine Nobility. ת

The Celtic goddess Andred, a patron of Boudicca (Queen of the Iceni tribe), wears the Torc of Nobility (nishmata l'nishmata).

I've named mine Myfanwy.

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