Thursday, December 13, 2007

Tiferet & Yesod: Feda Of Reunification

ה' בטבת תשס"ח
Grael 6

Pictured here are my Ogham staves handcrafted in the United Kingdom from the naturally fallen branch of an Alder tree. Pyrographed into each stave is an Ogham letter (fid, singular; feda, plural).

Alder wood is represented by the fid called fern, related to Welsh gwern (alder tree). The letter value of fern corresponds to "F", "V" and "vav".

Protection. The keyword corresponding to fern is protection. Word oghams related to fern pertain to shielding, guarding and sheltering.

Healing, Harmony & Peace. The Druids believed Alder-fern to link the male and female principles, to create balance, harmony (Tiferet) and peace (Yesod of Zer Anpin, corresponding to tzadi) between these two "opposite" forces. This particular meaning of fern-Alder also relates to the Hebrew letter vav and to the healing re-unification of Tiferet-Yesod through one letter, fern.

Truth & Illumination. Fern-Alder is also a letter of divination, opening doorways into the mystical Faery realm, mental prowess, illumination with truth and higher spirituality. Similarly, the letter vav contains the meanings of illumination (through aur yashar) and truth (through Yesod of Zer Anpin).

Thus, the Ogham letter fern is a synthesis of the Hebrew letters vav and tzadi. There is no "tz" sound among the 20 feda of the Ogham.

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