Saturday, December 29, 2007

Wisdom Casting Cloth

כ"א בטבת תשס"ח
Grael 22

Today is my Hebrew birthday. For my special day, beginning during the planetary hour of Saturn and completing during the planetary hour of Jupiter, with the waning (descending) gibbous moon 62% (ווים) full, I made my Wisdom Casting Cloth upon which I will make magic with my Ogham staves. When not in use, my staves will rest within the cloth, tied up like a bag with a 20" brown satin ribbon.

My own handmade cloth looks like the one shown. Of very soft brown suede, the seams are hand sewn, the symbols and lines drawn with dragon's blood ink, and the diagonals made using the straight edge of a broomstick.

An 18" by 36" rectangle was folded into an 18" by 18" square. The "square" turned inside out and completed of seams measured 16.75" by 17.5" for a total area of 293.125 square inches. The value of 293 is the gematria of בארץ, "in the land", and pertains to Keter-Malchut. The value of 125 is the gematria of יפלה, "differentiates", and pertains to the ability to distinguish between different states of reality.

The square of the cloth symbolizes the Middle World, ha'Emtsa.

The inner square (Midhe) is comprised of 7-7.2" lines and symbolizes focus or the powers of concentration, memory, recognition, and sensitivity to meaning.

The two superimposed X's (Cath) in the northern position symbolize friction or resistance (left pillar).

The western spiral curl (Fis) symbolizes enlightenment or expansion (right pillar).

The eastern grid (Blath) symbolizes harvest or synthesis (middle pillar).

The southern base to base triangles (Seis) symbolize balance or perfected will (keter-malchut).


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