Friday, October 19, 2007

Wand Of The Epiphany

ז' בחשון תשס"ח

My simple wand looks like the one pictured. I harvested it last winter as it soaked in the snow near the lilac bush that grows right outside the window of the room I had as a little girl (and during the time of the epiphany).

As a snow-soaked water-oriented instrument of the earth, my wand carries a powerful synthesis of earth and water elemental energies. This powerful energy is represented by the Hebrew letter mem (מ, ם). Through mem (see link), my wand has the following correspondences:

Concept: The springing up of wisdom from the well of the superconscious.

Meaning: Water; a perfect imperfection.

Shape: A reservoir, with a slight opening in its lower left corner. The final mem: A completely enclosed reservoir.

Number: 40.

Space: Earth.

Time: Winter.

Soul: Lower torso, specifically the abdomen.

Quality: Love expressing itself like water.

Archetype: Mashiach ben David.

Channel: From netzach to hod.

Made from lilac wood, my wand has further correspondences to feminine power, Venus and again, the element of water. It's magical properties include protection and exorcism of negativity and evil. In other words, it functions to guard the integrity of the energy it directs.

It has no adornments other than the magical carvings I have made into it. Measuring 10 and 3/8 inches long from point to point, the wood of the slender instrument is kept supple by treating it periodically with Feminine Clarity oil.

For more on my wand, see Sod Ha-Ibbur, Turning History at Walking On Fire.

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