Saturday, August 04, 2007

Writing By Beeswax Candlelight

כ" באב תשס"ז

These are the perfect holders for the 7" X 1.5" beeswax pillars I am using as I write in my Book of Shadows. The candle wax can melt gloriously down the side to collect in the cup of the holder. There is something especially magical about the way the beeswax melts and collects in the cup, not only on account of the visual, but also on account of the delicate scent of melting beeswax. I can't really define the beauty it pulls into the moment, but the effect is palpably present for me. And I haven't even experienced it yet. Soon. Very soon. When all is ready, I will consecrate my Book of Shadows, and make the first mark. It will be special.

I have a small personal table which I fully drape with black cloth to lay my Book of Shadows upon to write in it. At the corners by head of the table are two candle stands upon which sit the beeswax pillars by whose light I write.

Pure ecstacy.

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