Saturday, August 04, 2007

BOS Consecration Incense

כ" באב תשס"ז

1 part aloeswood (f, water) - intensifies blend energies, strengthening
1 part scullcap (f, water) - fidelity and peace, protects husband
1 part orris root (f, water) - protection, divination
1 part thyme (f, water) - healing, health, purification, love, courage
1 part passion flower (f, water) - peace, harmony
1 part sweet myrrh (f, water) - raises vibrations, transformation

1 part vetivert (f, earth) - love, hex-breaking, anti-theft, parnassa

1 part ginger (m, fire) - success, power
1 part saffron (m, fire) - wind raising, strength, happiness, lust
1 part wormwood (m, fire) - protection, spirit calling
1 part dragon's blood (m, fire) - protection, transforming evil
1 part angelica (m, fire) - protection, healing, visions
1 part frankincense (m, fire) - raises vibrations

1 part sage (m, air) - immortality, wisdom, protection

2 parts uva ursa - increases shamanic powers
2 parts Jezebel root - brings down benevolence
2 parts witchgrass - happiness, love, lust, transforming evil

1 drop spikenard - fidelity, health
1 drop hyssop - purification, protection
1 drop cinnamon bark - spiritual power, strengthening
1 drop pomegranate juice - essence of the mitzvot, manifestation


Liorah-Lleucu said...

א' באלול תשס"ז First batch prepared with the waxing crescent moon 9% full, beginning during the planetary hour of Mars and completing during the planetary hour of the sun.

Liorah-Lleucu said...

BOS consecrated shabbat-motzi shabbat 8/18/07, Adar 4-5 5767.

Buddha said...

Does the incense has any meditational use???

Liorah-Lleucu said...

I haven't used it as a general meditational incense. Try it and find out.