Sunday, July 29, 2007

Chicory Root Mugwort Tea

י"ד באב תשס"ז

I've introduced myself to the new magical pleasure of organic chicory root and mugwort tea.

Chicory is a masculine herbal, with magical correspondences to the Sun (space) and air (element). It's magical properties include removing all obstacles which may arise, purification and opening up locked places. It's health benefits include hormonal balance, lowering cholesterol, reducing the pulse rate, aiding in the absorption of calcium, promoting a healthy digestive tract, and lowering the risk of colon cancer.

Mugwort is a feminine herbal, with magical correspondences to Venus (space) and earth (element). It's magical properties include providing strength and protection, increasing psychic awareness, healing and promoting prophetic dreaming. It's health benefits include promoting a healthy digestive tract, anti-depressant properties, and anti-anxiety properties.

To prepare chicory root mugwort tea, simmer 1 Tbsp dried chicory root and 1/2 tsp of mugwort for every cup of water. Strain after simmering for 20 minutes.


silviastudio1 said...

I would like to know where mugwort can be found to make this tea. Is it a powder or a liquid extract or what? Is it usually sold through health food stores?
thank you, silv

Liorah Lleucu Moshee said...

Mugwort herb can be obtained from most witchcraft supply stores. You might be able to find it through health food stores.

Navy Phim said...

I'm making this tea tonite and trying it for the first time.

Myfanwy said...


Navy Phim said...

i enjoyed the tea very much. there is a sweetness in it. an hour after i drank it, i feel groggy and sleepy. i did read somewhere else that it help with sleep aid. now i wonder if it is the chicory or the mugwort that made me sleepy. i'm going to try mugwort by itself, then chicory to see. my husband tried it and said it didn't do anything for him but for me, the feelings is extremely strong. it felt almost like a hangover... i want to keep using it for awhile to help remove obstacle---"writer block" mainly but whatever else is blocking me now.

Myfanwy said...

I'm glad you found the tea to your liking. Herbs can affect different people differently, as do medicines (many medicines are derived from plants). Some herbs can interact with medicines as well.