Sunday, August 04, 2013

Black Obsidian Gemstone Sphere 3.5" D

Black Obsidian

A stone formed when hot volcanic lava is submerged in water, BLACK OBSIDIAN is known as the Stone of Truth and Purity. Used in the Middle Ages to drive out demons, BLACK OBSIDIAN is used extensively in divination, to ward off psychic attacks, in healing spells, and helps with issues of honesty and truth. A grounding protective stone, BLACK OBSIDIAN absorbs and destroys negative energies, and is used to access the subconscious. Bringing clarity during vision work or scrying, BLACK OBSIDIAN refines and advances creativity.

Use for protection, divination, grounding and centering, purification, and creative advancement.

Sphere measures approximately 3.5" in diameter and may be purchased here at the web-shoppe.

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