Tuesday, June 11, 2013

GOFUGT DYR Noble Beast Stag Pillar Candle w/ Antlers for Northern Tradition Shamanism, Wisdom Initiation, Wode Consciousness, Rune Magic

Gofugt Dyr Pillar Candle

 GOFUGT DYR I am called, but I have wandered a motherless child; nor have I a father like the sons of men: alone I wander ... (Sigurd in the Elder Edda)

A name of Sigurd following slaying of the Dragon Fafnir, GOFUGT DYR means Noble Beast, and signifies Sigurd's heroic transformation, initiation into wisdom, attainment of transcendent Wode consciousness, and acquisition of the ability to proclaim the runes as an initiated runemaster.

Evoke the power of Sigurd transformed with this stunning elk brown GOFUGT DYR pillar candle handcrafted with premium all natural paraffin wax and pure cotton wick. Generously scented with deep original blend of Dark Musk, Black Tobacco, Black Tea, Sacred Spices and more, GOFUGT DYR is adorned with an antiqued bronze Stag Antlers charm hung on STAG SHAMAN grosgrain ribbon.

Measures 2 X 3 inches. Each candle exhibits a uniquely mottled pattern, please allow for natural variation.

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