Tuesday, January 15, 2013

DRAGONS BLOOD Deep Dark Burgundy Bronze Dragon Pillar Candle w/ Rich Dragon's Blood - Sacred Rites, Banishing, Protection, Power Casting

Dragon's Blood

Journey into the heart of the Dragon of your own free will, with discipline and desire ... to summon the awesome power of the Dragon.

Hauntingly beautiful, adorned with a bronze Dragon hung on Earth satin ribbon, deep dark burgundy DRAGONS BLOOD pillar candle is handcrafted with premium all natural paraffin wax, pure cotton wick, and generously scented with an original deeply rich blend of Gold Seal Dragon's Blood resin oil exclusive to WITCHCRAFTS™. Ethereal and mysterious, the magical aroma of exquisite DRAGONS BLOOD will fill the air of your sacred space even as it stands unlit - the powerful fragrance and scent throw of this amazing candle is simply stunning!

This powerfully potent and extraordinary pillar measures 2 x 3 inches. Each candle exhibits a uniquely mottled crystal pattern.

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