Tuesday, March 13, 2012

BELTANE FIRE Sabbat Ritual Oil w/ 6 Grael Herbs of Spellcraft

כ׳ באדר תשע"ב
Keowulf 22
Ash 25

Beltane or Welsh Gŵyl Galan Mai (Calan Mai) is one of the Greater Sabbats or Fire Festivals in the Wheel of the Year. Depending on where you are located on the planet, Beltane is celebrated May 1 in the Northern hemisphere and October 31-Nov 2 in the Southern hemisphere at the first Full Moon when the Sun is 15 degrees in Taurus and 15 degrees in Scorpio. Beltane correspondences in the Avalonian tradition of Witchcraft include the Goddess Blodeuwedd, the White Spring, and the healing cycle of Emergence. At Beltane, we celebrate Divine Feminine Wisdom.

BELTANE FIRE is handcrafted with six Grael herbs of spellcraft and premium certified organic botanicals including Calendula, Birch leaves, Hawthorne leaves/flowers, Red Roses, Elder flowers and Red Sandalwood, . This exquisitely mystical Goddess blend is magically charged with Amber pebbles and generously scented with the mystical aroma of a pagan bonfire.

Use BELTANE FIRE for Beltane (Calan Mai) rites and for Avalonian, Celtic, Druid and Goddess magic.

Each 3 ml glass bottle is adorned with hand dyed bonfire ribbon.

Comes beautifully packaged.

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