Saturday, February 25, 2012

New Addition to My Ancestor Altar - FLLI COPPINI 800 Silver Italian CIMARUTA

ג׳ באדר תשע"ב
Keowulf 5
Ash 8

New addition to my ancestor altar - Vintage FLLI COPPINI 800 silver Italy CIMARUTA Witch Charm pendant necklace. Extremely hard to find rare antique Cimaruta. Hand cast in 800 silver. Crafted in Italy pre-1930’s by the House of Coppini, silversmiths, in the city of Florence. This pendant defines the description of a genuine Italian Witch Charm. "The Cimaruta has its “roots” dating back to 4000-3500 BC.

Worthopedia on the Cimaruta witch charm:
The Cimaruta (chee-mah-roo-tah) is a very ancient charm, used in Italy to protect from the evil eye, the mallocchio or jettatura. Cimaruta or cima di ruta means spring of rue and the branches of the charm are the branches of that most sacred plant. The Cimaruta was often worn upon the breasts of infants, as a protection. Before it became popular among the common people, it was used by witches as a sign of membership in the Witch-cult. As time passed, it began to be called the Witch charm. The Cimaruta is always divided into three main branches, symbolizing Diana Triformis in her many aspects (maiden, mother, and crone). On the tips of the branches may hang symbolic charms, such as: 1. Hand (mano fica position) - magic, to ward off the 'evil eye', 2. Fish -Phallic/Fertility/Abundance, 3. Crescent- symbolizes both the cresent moon, and the horns of the god,. 4. Key- access to Power, opening of Portals, secret knowledge, 5. Vervain flower blossom- Protection. Other charms may also be found within the Cimaruta: dolphin, serpent, cock, sword, crow and a sprig of rue. The Cimaruta is always made of silver."

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