Friday, January 21, 2011

MORGEN LE FAY Raven Warrior Dark Faery Goddess Ritual Spell Soy Candle, 2 X 7

Imbolgen 18

When Goddess calls your name ...

Shrouded in mystery like the Mists of Avalon itself, Celtic-Welsh Raven Warrior Goddess Morgen Le Fay (Morgen the Faery), the great Sorceress-Witch Queen of the magical Isle, is known by many names including Morgaine le Fee, Modron, the Morrigan, Fata Morgana, Argante and Faery Morgana. She also has many titles including Great Queen, Queen of the Fairies, High Priestess, Queen of the Otherworld, Priestess Queen of Avalon and the Lady of the Lake.

Sorceress par excellence of Arthurian legend, Morgen Le Fay is believed to have learned her extraordinary skills under the tutelage of legendary magician Merlyn. After Arthur's final battle, Morgen Le Fay carries wounded King Arthur to Avalon to be healed. Giver of healing ointments, this shapeshifting sorceress is maligned as an evil enchantress by medieval Cistercian monks who thought it blasphemous for a healer to be female. Renowned for her magical prowess and associated with the goddess Modron, she is both a supernatural being and human. Morgen Le Fay rules over Avalon with her nine sisters called Morgens.

Handcrafted in honor of MORGEN LE FAY with premium certified kosher soy wax, this enchanting ritual spell candle is magically charged with a Red Garnet gemstone nugget and 6 Grael herbs including Yew, Cleavers, Blackthorn leaves, Rue, Willow and Red Rose Petals. Intensely scented with deep notes of my original unique blend of Dragon's Blood resin oil and Victorian Roses, the jet black pillar drips with blood red soy. An adorning silver lead free pewter Raven Skull charm hangs on beautiful blood burgundy ribbon.

Use this candle for ritual spellwork involving shapeshifting, transition and healing, assertive active protection, enchantment, liminal rites and the dark arts.

Measures 2 x 7 inches.

Comes beautifully packaged.

This magical candle may be purchased at WITCHCRAFTS by Liorah Lleucu.

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