Sunday, June 06, 2010


כ״ד בסיון תש"ע
Mab 25

This exquisite ROSE GOLD RAVEN PENTACLE Handfasting Cord is handcrafted with delicately gorgeous 2.5 inch rose, gold and green floral ribbon, 1 3/8 inch deep burgundy ribbon, 7/8 inch double faced light gold satin ribbon, thin gold cord, nine garnet red glass beads arranged 3 X 3, and a 22.6mm rose-gold plated over solid sterling silver raven pentacle charm.

Measures 72 inches in length.

There are 72 Divine Names in Jewish Kabbalah, nine feet in the diameter of Witchcraft's magic circle, and the configuration 3 X 3 is sacred to Goddess.

Raven brings light from darkness, forms thought and creates memory. A carrier of souls between the spiritual and earth realms, Raven joins together both. Raven protects and teaches us to see joy in and share our joy with all living things. Wrapped in a wealth of myth and lore, a keeper of secrets, Raven is a teacher of wisdom, magic and mysticism. Raven asks us to experience transformation and to become united with the mysteries of the Universe.

Comes beautifully packaged with a surprise gift included. This magical item may be purchased at WITCHCRAFTS by Liorah Lleucu.

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