Sunday, February 14, 2010


ל׳ בשבט תש"ע
Keowulf 2

This beautiful EARTH SPIRIT PENTACLE Witch's Ladder was handcrafted in sacred space and time with the power of the New Moon (Rosh Chodesh) in the 24th lunar mansion (Sidus Fortunae - Star of Good Fortune) fixed by the star Sadalsuud (Fortune of the Most Fortunate).

Measuring 60 inches (5 feet, five elemental corners of the encircled Pentacle), EARTH SPIRIT PENTACLE corresponds to the "secret within the secret" of the witch's sacred circle through the magical Hebrew letter Samech (having both a gematria value of 60 and written in the form of a closed circle - ס). Through Samech comes equanimity, support and Priestess ordination.

Nine light wood beads correspond to the "secret" of the witch's sacred circle (in the tradition of Celtic Witchcraft) and good blessing (in the tradition of Jewish letter-Kabbalah).

Thirteen knots correspond to the power of Unity within Multiplicity.

The royal power of the Golden Earth Dragon of the 24th lunar mansion to bind the Universe together is summoned through the exquisitely unique golden-wheat color of the handmade Silk Sari ribbon.

EARTH SPIRIT PENTACLE Witch ladder is adorned with a silver leaf charm and a solid sterling silver pentacle charm (at knots 2-blessing/beit and 12-earth/lamed, the 12th magical Hebrew letter).

Comes beautifully packaged with a small surprise gift included. Available for purchase at WITCHCRAFTS by Liorah Lleucu.

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