Thursday, January 29, 2009

Blue Dream

ה' שבט תשס"ט
Imbolgen 5

Just acquired - my newest music CD - Blue Dream by Fiona Joy Hawkins. Pure mystical magic! לחיים

Reviewer Kathy Parsons writes - "Blue Dream" is stunning. Calling the musical style "World Fusion Piano," the music ranges from quiet and dreamy piano to full orchestrations. Instrumentation includes Didjeribone, a variety of percussion instruments, flugel horn, mandolin, voices, and many conventional instruments as well. Many of the tracks have vocals, but most are wordless. Those with lyrics are sung in either Gaelic or Luganda (from Uganda). There is a total of twenty-two tracks, but the longer pieces are connected by "Interludes" and other shorter pieces, creating a single (68-minute) suite of music.

"Blue Dream" has no weak points at all.

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