Saturday, August 30, 2008

Wheel Of The Faery Year

כ"ט אב התשס"ח
Belz 1

(hat-tip to Whispr)


March 15
Festival of river nymphs and water fairies, a dangerous day for swimming.

April 30/May 1 - Beltane/May Day
Fairies ride out from their hills to celebrate Beltaine on May Eve.

August 7
Fairy hills and dwellings are revealed on this day.

September 29
Doors open between our world and the fairy realm.

November 8
Another day when it is possible to catch a glimpse of fairyland.

November 11
Festival of the blackthorn fairies.


Anonymous said...

I have added your site to my blog roll. I find your posts utterly and totally fascinating. I have to keep looking up some of the Hebrew terms but that's a good thing considering the extent of Hebrew in most ceremonial magick.

Liorah Lleucu said...

Thank you! :)