Sunday, June 22, 2008

Involutionary Key To Evolutionary Transformation

י"ט סיון התשס"ח
Alban Heruin 20

A rare dark cobalt blue vintage Fenton carnival glass tumbler of outstanding iridescence in a butterfly and fern design is my most recently acquired ritual treasure.

The butterfly totem symbolizes conscious awareness while within the womb (Niddah 30b), sweet transmutation, soul evolution, clarity of comprehensive vision, and the dance of joy.

Fern is associated with Mercury (mastering magic, wisdom, knowledge, reason, curiosity, telepathy, intellectual progression, self-expression, communication, transmission of the spiritual to the physical, commerce), wards off negative energies and unnatural illness, and promotes the discovery of rare hidden treasure.

Cobalt salts color glass deep iridescent blue. Cobalt is a transition metal with magnetic properties, has an atomic number of 27, and is in group-9, period-4, d-block on the periodic table of elements. Most of the earth's cobalt is in its core. Cobalamine (Vitamin B12) "contributes to the formation of red blood cells and bone marrow, the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and proteins and the production of genetic materials. It also assists nervous and cardiovascular mechanisms and plays a role in DNA synthesis. Deficiency of this vitamin may cause anaemia, exhaustion, irritation, depression, shortness of breath, difficulty walking, memory loss, mood swings, disorientation, dementia and constipation." Opposite deficiency, sufficient quantity of cobalamine supports healthy blood, vitality, mental health, respiratory efficiency, ease of mobility, memory recovery, mood stability, focus, clarity of mind and clear channels (tzinorot). D-block transition metals such as cobalt are "key elements in life and evolution."
Taken together, this ritual tumbler is a key tool for mastering the Craft, recovering Divine and Ancestral memory, actualizing evolutionary development of esoteric wisdom, achieving clarity of knowledge, acquiring an ability to communicate wisdom, maintaining equanimity, and revealing inner joy.


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