Saturday, April 05, 2008

Cauldron Of Essential Illumination

כ'ט באדר ב' תשס"ח
Annwyn 1

Shown is a cauldron similar to my bright and beautiful new copper cauldron. This awesome tool of illumination, made from a hammered copper cazo cauldron, is 15" (יה) wide and 6" (ו) tall. It has a vintage metal stand which has a candle burner (ה) in the bottom. יהוה

Copper correspondences.

Bare and insanely brilliant, shed of kelipot, through the astral sphere of the planet Venus, copper calls forth illumination (nogah, נגה) from the Name which forms it's dimensions and construct, and raises up the power to actualize spellwork potential through the Hebrew letter kaf (כ).

Copper has a double portion of Celtic Ogham letter correspondences. Through copper's first association with the fid (letter) ceirt, the cauldron creates a sheltering place which causes the retreat of negative influences, malevolent magic and harmful energies. Thus, that brewed within it is pure and holy.

Luis, the second fid associated with copper, brings forth brilliance from the darkness of the vessel and that contained within it, to call up the sacred flame of Divine Inspiration (hashra'ah, Inspiration of the Divine Feminine Presence - known in Jewish tradition as Shechinah, in Celtic-Welsh tradition as Ceridwen and in Celtic-Irish tradition as Brighid).

My copper cauldron is Divinely and Essentially witchy.

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