Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Legends Of The Goddess III

כ'ט באדר א' תשס"ח
Keolwulf 30

My new awesome CD arrived today! Trilogy: Legends Of The Goddess III by Laura Powers

"Evocative, with rich lyrical symbolism and vocal textures, the endcap of the Legends of the Goddess series, Trilogy: Legends of the Goddess III, brings this musical journey full circle. Come along as the music weaves a thread though time and cultures (The World Is A River), feel the power of faith (It Shall Be No More) and touch the sweetness of the love of a lifetime (I've Loved You Forever). Mystical, personal and uplifting, these are songs for the discriminating listener who wishes for something beyond the ordinary from their listening experience."

Lyrics from Mystic & The Muse

A spiral shell
The deepest well
The beating of my heart
All echo with the
Mysteries of your art
And on this darkest night
I give my word

I take your seven secrets
Into the fire
Like the phoenix flew
Where only love can reach us
We rise anew
The Mystic and the Muse

We burn so bright
You take the light
Spin it into gold
You reach through time
To hear a voice of old
And now it calls to us
And so we go ...

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Lyrics from I've Loved You Forever

The power, the glory
I see the laughter and the tears
Through lifetimes, our story
Grows ever stronger with the years

Only you hold the key to my soul ...

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