Friday, September 14, 2007

Cauldron Of Creation Incense

ג' בתשרי תשס"ח

My newest original incense recipe, Cauldron Of Creation:

5 parts frankincense
5 parts myrrh
3 parts white willow bark
2 parts dandelion root
2 parts orris root
2 parts damiana
1 part lotus root
1 part galangal root
1 part whole ground pomegranate
1 part mullein
1 part broom
1 part heal all
1 part balm of gilead
1/2 part lobelia
1/2 part acacia
1/2 part saffron

per ounce of dry ingredients:
5 drops mugwort oil
5 drops dragon's blood
1 drop hyssop
1 drop sandalwood
1 drop cinnamon bark
1 drop Feminine Clarity

Compound in a black vessel on the night of the Dark Moon, preferably in autumn or winter. Store in a warm place (like a herb cupboard) in an airtight dark jar for 28 days to 3 months prior to consecrating and using ritually.

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